Walking Campbeltown to Dunaverty

The penultimate section starts out from Campbeltown and follows the shores of Campbeltown Loch taking you past the sentinel of Davaar Island at the entrance of the Loch

Davaar Island is linked to the shore at low tide by a natural shingle causeway called the Doirlinn. In a cave on the island is an image of the Crucifixion painted by Archiebald MacKinnon in 1887.

The single track road known locally as the Leerside offers a stunning seascape of Arran, Ireland and the Ayrshire coast to walkers on this quiet and peaceful road. The road takes you to Polliwilline Farm where you will then head towards the shore and a beautiful piece of coast walking right along to Kilmashenachan where you will follow a minor road to the hamlet of Mill Park and then join the B842 on into Southend village.