Media rights

We love to share and re-tweet your content. Tag us with #LoveKintyreOK if you're happy for us to use your amazing images, videos and stories on social media, on our website and in print. We'll always give you credit (like in the image above) and copyright always remains with you.

It never ceases to amaze us just how great your experiences of Kintyre are, which is why we’d love to do more than simply share them.

By adding the hashtag #LoveKintyreOK you can let us know we can feature your content in our work – which might be digital, but might also be in print – for the purposes of promoting and marketing the Kintyre peninsula.

We will always credit you as the author (via your social media handle – just like in the image above) and you remain the copyright holder – which means we cannot, for example, sell your work on or use it for any other purposes without your permission.

Professional photographers and videographers

We love working with professionals too.

If you’ve shot some amazing content around Kintyre – then let Love Kintyre be your stage!  In exchange for a non-exclusive licence to use your content on digital and in print, we will help you market your images.

Instead of a social media handle, the link that appears against all of your work will show your business name and take people directly to your own personal image collection.  From there people can link back to your website or buy direct from your own online shop.  Plus, if you’re exhibiting or selling in the local area, then let us know and we’ll make sure you are promoted against that event or business location.